Why graphic design is dead, and it’s not yet dead

Why graphic design is dead, and it’s not yet dead

June 20, 2021 Comments Off on Why graphic design is dead, and it’s not yet dead By admin

I know graphic design was a thing when it was a bunch of white dudes with an iPhone, but I’m getting older.

The industry’s decline has been pretty steep, and now it’s getting even more depressing.

The digital art world has taken a long time to reach its full potential, and with the exception of a few select gems like the recent art of Domenico Visconti and the recent work of Alexey Dvorkovich, it’s been a slog.

But in some ways, I think that’s exactly what’s happening in the digital design space.

In the past decade, the world has become more diverse, more interconnected, and more diversely designed.

With that in mind, I’m not sure how the graphic design world will fare without the internet and the internet’s influence.

But while we might never be able to truly see what the world looks like without the digital tools at our disposal, I hope the future looks very bright for graphic design.

I also hope that more people in the industry will continue to embrace it.

The Internet has been an incredible resource for designers for years, and I’m glad that the graphic designer community is still making its mark.

But I hope that the digital designers community will be able make its mark on the industry in the future.

I’m just not sure we’ve seen the last of the design community.

I’ll keep my eye on it.