Graphic design rates are down in Washington state

Graphic design rates are down in Washington state

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Graphic design is one of the fastest-growing fields of study, but costs are mounting as more and more students graduate and the number of jobs is increasing.

A new report from the Washington State Economic Development Agency shows graphic design, computer-aided design and other design-related work performed in Washington increased 4.3% in the first quarter of 2017, according to data collected by the state agency.

The growth is even more impressive when you consider the cost of a graphic design degree in Washington State is currently $24,000.

That’s less than the state’s median household income of $57,000, according the WSDDA.

The state has a $2.9 billion economy, so a 4.7% increase in employment and a 4% increase for design work is good news for businesses.

The WSDDE said the state is a leader in technology-driven business growth.

That includes the booming digital media industry, the burgeoning digital economy and the rapid growth of businesses using technology, according Dan McAllister, WSDDC’s executive director.

“We’re leading the nation in technology innovation, and we’re leading in design,” he said.WSDDA said in its report that its job numbers show the number and type of jobs created by graphic design jobs grew 2.6% in 2017, up from a year earlier.

The number of graphic design positions in the state rose 2.3%.

That’s a sign that employers are increasingly finding new ways to employ designers and other professionals.

The Washington State Department of Labor said it added more than 700 graphic design employees to its payroll in 2017.

Those employees represent more than 20,000 workers.

The job growth is particularly notable in Washington’s tech-driven economy.

Washington State’s tech sector grew 4.6%, according to the state, up 17% from the year before.

It’s also growing at a faster pace than the rest of the nation.

The economic development agency’s job figures show the state has more than 1,500 software developers and designers, more than 2,300 computer-based designers, over 4,000 digital media developers and over 3,500 computer-artists.

McAllister said the growing number of employers in the digital media, digital media-related industries is a sign the state can be a leader.

The digital media sector is the fastest growing segment of Washington State employment.

It’s an important industry for the state because of its economic impact and the economic opportunities it brings to communities across the state,” he added.

Mcallister said if Washington’s economy continues to grow, the state will need to diversify its workforce and expand its workforce in other industries.

He also pointed out the state needs to continue to grow its technology-related economy to maintain its competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

Washington state is also growing rapidly in its job growth for design.

The state is now on track to have nearly 1,100 designers working for companies that employ more than 300 people.

Widening opportunities in design can lead to more jobs in the tech-based economy, which McAllisters said is important for the Washington economy.

McALLISTER said it’s not just the jobs that will be created in the future, but the broader benefits.

He said Washington State can provide the services and tools to support businesses in their digital-based endeavors.WIDEN HOMESThe state is building an additional 5,000 housing units, which will help meet the demand for new housing, he said, adding that the state already has a strong track record of providing affordable housing to low-income residents.