Graphic design brochures,1980-2009

Graphic design brochures,1980-2009

September 9, 2021 Comments Off on Graphic design brochures,1980-2009 By admin

A graphic design industry brochure from 1979, from a company called Cinetec, was recently auctioned by the online auction company, Auctions Bytes, for a whopping $12,000.

“The brochure offers advice on everything from designing for the internet age to using Adobe Illustrator,” said Andrew Schulz, who sold the brochure to the site, noting that “there’s a whole section on how to get a new laptop or tablet.”

The brochure also includes the advice on how best to get creative with images and graphics, according to Schulz.

“I’m guessing this was used by some of the people that sold their personal computers,” Schulz said.

“It’s not necessarily a ‘how-to’ manual.

This is just a great little guide to getting your hands dirty.”

The sale was posted by the site’s seller, John McAfee, and has since gone viral.

“John McAfee has made a deal with the world’s most expensive graphic design book auction, selling his own graphic design manual to a bidder of $12k,” the site said in a statement to CNBC.

The manual is called the “Graphic Design Handbook,” and it was published in 1979 by Cinetex, which was at the time known as Computer Sciences Corporation.

The brochures are dated between 1981 and 1981, with prices ranging from $14 to $24.

“Cinetec is now a subsidiary of Computer Sciences Corp.,” Cinetech told CNBC.

“While we were happy to sell it to an interested buyer, we have no immediate plans to continue publishing Cineteext,” the company said in the statement.

“We would like to thank all of our customers for their support of the Cinetekic brand.”