‘You’re the new Harry Potter’: The best hoodies for Harry Potter fans

‘You’re the new Harry Potter’: The best hoodies for Harry Potter fans

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A new generation of hoodies has taken over the fashion world, and they’re a great choice for any Harry Potter fan.

Here’s our list of the best hoodie styles for the new year.1.


Harry Potter hoodie by the hooded owl: Inspired by the popular children’s book series by the same name, the A1 Hoodie combines classic designs with a modern twist.

Its a hoodie that looks perfect with jeans, sweaters, or whatever you’re wearing.

Available in a black or grey colorway.

Get yours here for $150, or if you’re in the U.S. only, $125.2.

Harry Potters hoodie with dragon tattoo: This hoodie is perfect for those Harry Potter cosplayers who love dragons and are tired of seeing their favorite characters go extinct.

It’s made with a dragon motif and features a dragon tattoo on the front.

Available for $130.3.

Harry Potties hoodie: This is a timeless design with a sleek, streamlined design, and it features a simple hoodie design with dragon motif on the back.

Available at $80.4.

The Potter hoody by the owl: A cute, classic look that will keep your loved ones entertained while enjoying the holidays.

This classic hoodie features a classic motif on each sleeve, a dragon design on the hood, and a owl motif on top.

Available here for only $75.5.

The Harry Potter Hoody by Jeeves by Jell-O: Jeevens is a favorite among fans of the Harry Potter series, and the Jeeve hoodie has a unique design that is reminiscent of the popular Jelloke book.

Available from $60.6.

HarryPotties Hoodie: Jellies is another favorite for fans of Harry Potter, and this jacket features a unique motif and design that has a very Harry Potter look to it.

Available to order here.7.

HarryPotters hoodies: If you’re looking for something a little more modern, there’s something for everyone with this classic design.

Available online here for just $70.8.

Harrypotties Harry Potter hat: It looks great on any Harry Potts hat, and there are a lot of HarryPotts hats available to choose from, so it’s a great option for any fan of the Potter series.

Available on a variety of styles, including a black hat with a green owl on the chest, a green hat with red owls on the shoulders, and more.

Available in a variety other colors as well, including red, white, yellow, and blue.9.

Jeevers Harry Potter Hat: This hat has a lot going for it.

It features a red and white owl on top, a red owl on back, and an owl on each side.

Available right now for just under $50.10.

Harrypotters Harry Potter T-shirt: This one is definitely worth a look, and is definitely the best option if you want a stylish Harry Potter t-shirt.

Available now for only about $15.11.

The Jeeving Harry Potter Shirt: The JEEving Harry POTters T-Shirt is a great alternative for Harry fans, who want something that looks like they’re wearing a Harry Potter shirt, but is actually part of the JEEVE series.

Available online here.12.

Harry Poppins hat: The Harry Popper Hat is one of our favorites for fans who like Harry Poppers and don’t want to be stuck with their traditional Harry Potter shirts.

Available this holiday season here for about $30.13.

The Hogwarts hat: This classic look for Harry has a green and white design with dragons on the sleeves and on the hat.

Available today for $20.14.

TheHarry Potter hoodies by Joojae: Jooje has a great variety of Harry potters hoods available online.

You can find Harry Potter themed hoodies from every season.

Available these days for $60 and $40.15.

TheJeeves Harry Potter Tee: Available for only here.16.

Harry Pants: You can pick up this stylish Harry Pots pants here for less than $25.

Available only here in the United States.17.

Harry hoodies and pants: If the Harry Potters hood and pants look familiar to you, it’s because they are made by JEEves.

Available exclusively here.18.

Harrys Harry Potter Jacket: This Harry POTS jacket is a must have if you love Harry Pops and want something a bit more casual.

Available below $30 for just over $50 in both styles.19.

Harry hat and pants by Jueeves: Juees Harry Pokeshirt is a new look for fans and we love it.

There are a ton of Harry Potz shirts available online right now, and we have a Harry Poes jacket to